Monday, March 23, 2009

The 10 Commandments of Aussie Cricket

  1. Play the Game hard but never fair.

    This can best be illustrated in the incident involving New Zealand and Australia where Greg Chapell asked Trevor Chapell to bowl underarm to prevent New Zealand from tying the match.
    Watch it here

  2. Intimidate the opposition by sledging and other means

    The Aussie way of playing cricket needs no further elaboration

  3. Bowl at the batsman's body and keep bowling bouncers until the batsman nicks one or gets injured severely
    Read Story here

  4. Ask the umpire to intervene when an opposition players gives a taste of your own medicine (Sledging and stuff)
    Watch it here

  5. Take advantage of catching agreements between captains and claim one-pitched catches as though they were perfectly legal

    The cricketing world has not forgotten the pitched catch taken by Michael Clarke in the Second Test of India's tour of Australia in 2007-08 and claiming it without remorse

  6. Question the umpire's decision, even when you know that the umpire got it right
    See picture here

  7. Speak about opposition cricketers in a disregarding manner in the media, when you yourself are not worthy of making such a comment
    Read This and  this

  8. If an opposition player is tearing your bowlers apart, get under his skin and disturb his concentration or intimidate him so that a case is booked by the match referee. (usually resulting in the player being fined some percentage of his match fee or banned for a match)

  9. Speak as though you are the best team in the world who is never capable of losing even though you have just lost a match in the most dismal fashion ever

  10. Last but not least - Win at any cost, playing in the spirit of the game is absolute bullshit


nan said...

Cannot be veracious any further :P :P

Bharathwaj N said...

thank you :)

sumanth said...

who else, but Australia can be the first one to do such in things in world cricket. A nice post.